Real-Time equalizing
Real-Time equalizing has become possible by this Windows app!! (Freeware)

System requirement is following.
Sound card needs to be full-duplex type, which accepts recording and playing concurrently.
Microphone and speakers are connected to the card.
DirectX Runtime is installed. See following site to download.
Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000 : DirectX 9.0a
Windows 95 : DirectX 8.0a
Windows XP already includes DirectX.
Windows NT is out of support.

Download "Real-Time Equalizer". (realeq.exe : 420kBytes)

Determine how to sample the sound.

Then the sound is sampled via the mic. Time-domain wave and FFT results are displayed!!

You can design Low Shelve, High Shelve, Peaking and Notch filters.

The filtered wave is played via the speakers as you input the sound via the mic!!

Please give me what you think about "Real-Time Equalizer".

Download "Real-Time Equalizer". (realeq.exe : 420kBytes)
Updated on 19 July, 2004 (ver 1.2).