... is the Mini-Paddle designed to match the FT-817 transceiver. It comes in black with a black powder-coated housing and a black magnetic Quick-Mount.

Mini-Paddle-817 (with QM-BM)
Mini-Paddle-817 (with QM-BM)

Features of the Mini-Paddle-817:

•  Small sized twin paddle made in Germany, to be used with the FT-817 and all other transceivers that have built-in keyer circuits.
•  Paddles can be shoved inside, therefore perfectly protected by the case.
•  Solid cabinet made of extruded aluminum, black powder coated.
•  Dimensions only 1 x 1 x 3 inches –perfect for travellers, backpackers and outdoor-QRP-fans!
•  Lightweight.
•  Three separate adjustment screws allow individual adjusting possibilities:
   - Spring tension
   - Contact spacing
   - Paddle stop.
•  According to personal preference, a hard or soft paddle stop is possible.
•  Firmly seated with no play in the paddles.
•  Gold-plated contacts guarantee longevity and reliability.
•  Connecting cable for the FT-817, black magnetic version and instructions included.

Mini-Paddle pictures


Mini-Paddles with K2-Transceiver

Mini-Paddle with K2-Transceiver

Mini-Paddle with K2-Transceiver

Detail view

Detail view

Operating Position

Retracted Position

Side view



WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get!

Instructions for use and adjustment of the Mini-Paddle

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The "Quick-Mount" for the Mini-Paddle...

...is designed to give you the possibility to use your Mini-Paddle in different setups and different radios. The idea is to have a Quick-Mount on each rig and just switch the Mini-Paddle. The magnetic version mounts the Mini-Paddle to any ferrous surface, while the standard version can be glued or screwed to other surfaces. The Quick-Mount is available in either gray or black.

Features of the "Quick-Mount"

The Mini-Paddle is simply snapped into the Quick-Mount

Mini-Paddle and Quick-Mount
4 mounting positions possible

Mini-Paddle with Quick-Mount mounted on side

Magnetic version uses extra strong magnets

Screws allow variation of the mounting angle

Quickmount (p-type with magnets)
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